Beinggg is a non-binary person and uses gender neutral pronouns: they/them/their

Born and raised in London by migrant Caribbean parents, I continued to live in that city until 2014 when I relocated to the Netherlands. First living in Amsterdam then after 2 years moving to live by the coast.

After drawing and sewing from an early age, making clothes for friends and training as a couture dressmaker in my teens, I studied Art and Design in my early twenties then worked freelance for a few years before doing a post graduate certificate in teaching. My teaching career spans 20 years in which i mentored beginning art teachers, wrote educational packs and collaborated with many art galleries and artists in London through external projects and internationally through partnership with the British Council. I am now taking time to develop my own art practice after decades of neglect.

I am re-emerging as my artist self and also as my authentic self. I have always questioned my birth-assigned gender and am now openly non-binary: a-gender or neutrois person. My current art practice acts as a process of archiving my past life and documenting my existence as a black non-binary kinky queer being living in a binary, racist and sexist world – a world that tells me I must not exist as I am. I work with sculpture, drawing and photography to explore interpersonal and auto biographical themes of identity, trauma, sexuality and healing.